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Looking for a farm or ranch for fresh meat, milk or eggs in San Diego and Imperial Counties in California? Scroll down this page and you will see the aall of thoses in San Diego and Imperial Counties in California, sorted by county. Some are organic ALWAYS call before you go to confirm the info, they don't always report changes to me!

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Updates for October 2023

October It's a pretty normal year for meat, milk and eggs, unless you are in the areas affected by the hurricanes.

Local meat, milk and eggs ranches and farms, by county

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Imperial County

San Diego County

  • Carrisito Ranch - beef, pork, turkey, lamb, goat,
    25580 Highway 79, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070 . Phone: (760) 703-4926. Email:  Open: see their page. USDA Approved BEEF & PORK, Beef & Pork Butcher Boxes, Pet Food: Dog Food & Dog Bones, 100% Grass Fed Hamburger, 1/2 Or Whole BEEF "On The Hoof", 1/2 Or Whole PORK "On The Hoof", Grass Fed Beef "On The Hoof", Thanksgiving Turkeys, Weaner Pigs Roasting Pigs. Carrisito Ranch facebook page.
  • Perennial Pastures Ranch - grass-fed beef, no pesticides are used, no herbicides are used,
    27955 CA-79, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070. Phone: (760) 600-0248. Open: sells online and by phone. Highest quality, pasture-raised meat delivered right to your door! We offer nose-to-tail bundle boxes, subscriptions of our go-to weekly products, and cow shares. We're passionate about the animals we steward, the soils we're reviving through our regenerative grazing practices, and helping people live healthier and more connected lives. By practicing regenerative grazing on 17,000 acres of land in Southern California, we are bringing life back to the soil. Regenerative grazing mimics the natural grazing patterns of large herd animals.
  • Son Rise Ranch - Grass fed, grass-finished Beef, Pastured Chickens
    105 Copperwood Way # A, Oceanside, CA 92058. Phone: (858) 909-0945.  Open: see their page. They are an all natural, regenerative, non-industrial, non-chemical, non-government subsidy funded family farm. We grow and sell, by the pound Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef that never eat grain. We employ a great team of dedicated folks with a passion for what they do. We raise humanely treated, antibiotic free, organic fed (no SOY, no GMOs) Pork and truly free-range Chicken. We have hogs on pasture and many of our animals (pork and chicken) are fed raw milk from our cows, which result in a deep, rich flavor that generations before us enjoyed. We employ holistic planned grazing methods to feed our ruminate animals the freshest, rapidly growing green grass possible, that simultaneously build, not deplete, the land and surrounding environment. We are deeply committed to the principles of small farming and regenerative agriculture. We have estimated that it takes only 1.78 calories of petroleum, to produce a single calorie of beef or pork from our ranch - far less than the 9 calories needed in the conventional, corn-fed, CAFO industrial systems. (ADDED: September 30, 2023, JBS)